Farm Shakel is situated in the Otjozondjupa region in Northern Namibia. We started to produce charcoal about three years ago in order to minimise bush encroachment. The Acacia Mellifera and Acacia Reficiens are invasive trees that have a big impact on the ecosystem and suppress the growth of grass. Since Namibia is an arid country we need to be able to optimise grass growth in order to sustain our cattle and sheep farming.

Charcoal production require a lot of manual labour and thus we provide employment for unemployed Namibians.

We currently screen our charcoal 6mm to 30mm as fines and 30mm + as coarse charcoal. We are able to supply coarse charcoal in 10kg bulk bags or retail packaging. A forty feet container takes about 20 tonnes of charcoal.

In order to expand and maintain our operation we would like to add value to our product by exporting directly to overseas markets.

Member of the Namibian Charcoal Association.