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Bush encroachment

The world’s population is growing rapidly and so the demand for wood fuel. In some countries natural wood products are scares, however in Namibia bush encroachment of invader bush is a big problem as it supress the growth of grass and affects the sustainability of farming in Namibia, thus making charcoal production a very attractive way of providing income, creating jobs and fighting bush encroachment.

our product

We have a team of experienced charcoal producers who are experts in the burning process to produce only high quality charcoal. At the processing plant charcoal are carefully inspected and only the best quality charcoal are screened, bagged and packed for export.

Our charcoal is known for it’s burning time of >4 hours and a carbon content of >75%. A charcoal analysis report available on request.


  1. Clean, natural energy source: Charcoal is a very valuable source of energy because it’s a very good fuel source for cooking food or for generating heat. Charcoal is a very clean alternative to use next to wood and most other fuel types. Despite getting your hands dirty, the charcoal itself burns without smoke or with very little smoke because it’s a pure form of carbon. Water and other elements are taken out of the wood as it burn’s in the charcoal making process.
  2. Cheaper energy alternative: Electric heaters are very expensive to use as electricity is scares and expensive. Charcoal is a perfect solution to heating homes and it’s a very clean one as well. A good batch of charcoal can burn for hours depending on the quality whereas the same amount of wood will burn faster and just make a lot of smoke and that is why pure carbon works the best for heating your home.
  3. Smokeless fire: Charcoal is famous for its smoke free fire. There is always a small sign of smoke but that is nothing compared to the smoke emitted by burning of wood.
  4. Medicinal values: Charcoal is not only a good fuel source. It is one of nature’s best medicines. Charcoal is used for teeth whitening and are found in some toothpastes. Charcoal is also used for absorbing poison out of a person’s system because of its absorbent properties. It is a porous substance which makes is possible to absorb substances such as poison. So charcoal dust can be used to make these by products.
  5. Purifying water: Water purifiers also has layers of charcoal and again because of the absorbent properties of the charcoal it is able to help absorb substances out of dirty water in order to purify it.
  6. Packaging: Charcoal can easily be packaged unlike wood that is big and lumpy. Charcoal is smaller and more moveable inside a bag. Charcoal also takes up less space than wood. This makes is easier to transport and you can get more tons of charcoal on a truck or inside a container than you would get with wood. Charcoal is most of the times send in bulk. So you can send a container that holds 20 tons of charcoal making shipping not too complicated and packaging of charcoal very simple.